Ov Knowyng

by Now Is In Effect



Grimace of fear programmed deep down like some virus or razor
You’re the sacrifice
Cut both ways, scars will heal like sun burnt skin from a blackened sun
A vortex still remains as I search
Cut adrift this molded flesh
With seething words void this world
Where many tombs lay disturbed

These dying days are so pure
Like a flake of snow, so tiny, so insignificant
Its complexity is hidden, frozen alone in decline, till no more

The heads are on the ground, I can feel them at the end
Watch them drowning in an ocean, quench the thirst of a thousand strong

Starving flies will consume you, tomorrow shall never rise
All higher bonds made of flesh, die too soon

Beneath this frozen grip, below the burning hand
We dwell to reveal, under the darkest sky

Thieves of light lay claim to what’s stolen from the heavens
Stillborn in spirit, betrayed by mortal hands

Sickness, darkness, decay, in death
Sickness, darkness, decay

You’re life, you’re words, you’re lies, you’re death

Beyond all comprehension lays a path of tightening circles
Driving the confusion inward, the focus of betrayal

No protection, no gate can keep them out
Like curses in a tomb they wait, like snakes, like pain they kill

Infant sun, shines a ray of gold
Scale the rising mountains to a time when I was young
There was fire, smoke and ash covered the ground
It smoldered so much like me
Now all flesh shall become

All shall possess a head with horns to hang enemies upon
All shall have most things so they will ask
Why not everything?
If not was then one before

As you defend I will strike
As you descend I shall rise

I will sow a mortal coil
I will reap its many thoughts
I will feed upon your flesh as you parish

The decay will replenish what was lost in time
The strength of despair will banish all hesitation, all regret
A manifest of delusion suffocated by clarity
Devalued by emulation, so drink a pitiful solution
And give birth to inferiority
Chains bind those helpless limbs that struggle


released September 9, 2016
Produced, arranged, composed and performed by nowisineffect.



all rights reserved


Now Is In Effect Vancouver, British Columbia

This one man recording project utilizes Heavy Metal and Experimental Sound Collage. All instrumentation is played by Dan Potter.

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